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For House or Condo Buyer

We are facing choices in the whole life. For most of the people, housing is one of the most important decisions to make. It’s barely heard that someone could live in their parents home for the whole life. People would have to make housing decisions once they start working, or even in their college or university years.

when considering housing, the first choice to make is to rent or to buy. One of the main advantages of renting is free of mind. You pay the rent and related expenses monthly. There is no need to worry much about the maintenance of this home. The landlord or their management company would have to take care of it. There are some other benefits such as it’s relatively easy to relocate. Once the lease ends, you could leave. Even within the lease period, if you have to go, you are free to go if you could sublet the house or condo under landlord’s permission. For whoever enjoy free of mind or need to relocate periodically, renting is a definitely good choice.

The main disadvantages of renting are from the emotional point of view and from the long term financial point of view. Renting is all about to pay the rent for the right for living in a place for a period of time. No matter how long you live there, it is only your temporary home. You can not renovate or even decorate the property according to your own wish. Renting is also not cheap in  big cities like Toronto or around areas. For a family of two or more, if you want to have your own living space, the rent for a house or condo can go over 2000 CAD per month easily. For renters, you pay the rent every month and the rent is gone. The rent is paid without any return. Also, houses and condos are called real estate. From long term point of view, the value of the house or condo is going up. In greater Toronto area, the average price for a house or condo goes up three times compared with the average price of a house or a condo 10 years ago. There are more and more luxury cars in the streets of Toronto and around areas. Where does the money comes from? If you have a fairly stable family income, why not considering buying?

People buy a house or a condo for two main reasons – for their own family living or for investment purpose. For people to buy a house or a condo to live in themselves, buying a house or a condo is not only to find a place to live in, the more important is to choose a life style. Statistics shows that average speaking, people would live there for 3~5 years or longer after they purchase a property. After you decide to buy, you are facing more choices. You could buy a condo, town house, a semi detached or a detached house. Each type of properties have pros and cons. For different people, we might give different suggestions. For buying investment properties, the factors to consider is quite different. Please bear in mind that your are running a business over this property and it’s an investment tool. It does not need to be brand new or luxury, but it better to be able to rent out easily. It also has to be located in a safe community. The performance of different communities are different. How to get the highest return on investment will be the next topic to discuss.

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